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Barton Square, Manchester



When Peel Holdings opened the Trafford Centre in 1998 it became Manchester’s flagship retail complex. They have now extended this to create Barton Square, an open air retail complex of home furnishing stores.


The 7000 square metres of open colonnaded courtyard is tiled with travertine and granite flooring flown in from China. To meet HSE required levels we were asked to carry out our anti-slip floor treatment to the whole colonnade.


When a premises owner or manager carries out a risk assessment and highlights a slip risk, as part of their Duty of Care something then needs to be done to improve the slip resistance of the floor.

When a floor is treated by us it increases the slip resistance above that required by the HSE and UK Slip Resistance Group

Stobo Castle



Using our patented Nano-Blast anti-slip floor system we have once again made safe a once slippery floor.


Nano-Blast was used to anti-slip poolside, spa area and changing rooms.


Having had it tested by the Health and Safety Laboratories (HSL) a floor was taken from a pendulum test value of 20 in the wet to 70 in the wet, which was said to be one of the highest values recorded by the HSL Representative.

St Andrews Golf & Spa Hotel (Fairmont)



Our work took us to the famous Scottish Golf  Hotel & Spa. We were asked to anti-slip 150 square metres in high risk areas, however once we completed this we were immediately asked if we could return and anti-slip all spa areas.


Over 3 nights in a window from 10pm till 6am we were required to anti-slip the 250 sq metres and have it back in service each morning so there was no interruption to service.



Legoland 4D Cinema



3 Years ago we carried out work at Legoland Manchester in their 4D Cinema using our SkidProof coating. As their Guarantee was up they called us back in to re-coat using SkidProof on the vinyl floor – the work was done over 6 hours and as can be seen the black dye incorporated into the coating completely rejuvenated the floor.


Studley Leisure Centre



There's nothing more refreshing than a new manager who knows what they want and gets the job done when others beforehand had hidden from the growing issue. Faced with a poolside in need of a complete overhaul we were contacted and given orders of what was wanted.


After initially struggling with the complexities of contaminants and previous destructive chemicals that had been used on the floor such as acid etch we got to grips and motored on.


As can be seen the transformation is amazing and staff were surprised to find they had a patterned floor !


Phoenix Foods



In 2009 Phoenix Foods in Corby asked us to carry out work at their factory creating coloured work station areas. Four years later we were asked to create more work station areas and walkways. The original coated areas were still above the required levels therefore there was no need to re-coat.

Glasgow Rangers, Ibrox



Scottish football team  Glasgow Rangers asked us to help them with their slippery tiled dressing room floors. Following the success of this relatively small application, the club then asked us to roll out the application to the rest of the stadium offering the same protection to the fans. Another bonus here was: that the SkidProof coating was able to be coloured allowing the coating to be applied in the Clubs

corporate “Navy Blue” over the old dull and faded black. This gave a whole new and refurbished look at a fraction of the cost of a new floor.


SInce our first work many areas including turnstiles, toilets, club shop, walkways, stairs, training ground and kitchens have been anti-slipped.

Holiday Inn Entrance



The Holiday Inn Heathrow has chosen Nano-Effect  to satisfy HSE requirements and make their entrance areas safe.


The job was completed in two halves to allow access to and from the hotel and caused no disruption to the Hotels operations.



Marstons Pubs



A few years ago we came to the rescue of a Marston’s pub in Derbyshire. SkidProof coating was applied to a wooden floor that was proving to be a daily safety risk to customers,

especially ladies in heels. Since treatment over 6 years ago there have been no slip incidents recorded.


Numerous other pubs have since been treated with SkidProof and Marstons are looking to roll SkidProof out through other outlets in their tied estates.


To date SkidProof has been applied to over 100,000 squaremetres of flooring.

We were asked to come in and carry out a deep clean and anti-slip of  a ramp in the shopping mall underneath Canary Wharf.




Canary Wharf Shopping Mall



Montage of jobs



Nightclubs, NHS hospitals, private hospitals, food factories, car showrooms and many more - here are some images from our vast array of work.


Leisure Centre Video



Video showing us Nano-Blasting a poolside floor.


Theme Park Video



Video showing us Nano-Blasting the steel fountain at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Theme Park Work



Slideshow of us using our SkidProof coating to anti-slip the new concrete floor on the new Skyforce ride at Blackpool. 


The work included adding a colour to our normally clear coating to produce the hi-viz chevrons and numbering. We also anti-slipped the drainage covers around the perimeter.