Nano-Effect's anti-slip and deep clean services


Anti-slip & Deep Clean - from £50 per m square for areas of 5000m +


Deep Clean - from £15 per m square for areas of 5000m +


Nano-GRiP Anti-slip Sheets & Stair treads and Nosings £POA



Pendulum Testing Services - £495 for 1 area


Depending on your floor surface then we have various systems and products that will suit your needs, please see below.


If you're not sure then just contact us and we'll be happy to help.




Anti-slip & Deep Clean


Nano-Blast is an extremely simple but highly effective process whereby millions upon millions of fine particles are blasted through our unique machinery creating a permanent anti slip surface (similar to micro-abrasion). The entire operation is carried out using our air operated equipment.  This system is ideal for kitchens, poolsides, changing facilities, fire escapes in fact anywhere a great deal of slip resistance is required and contaminants are likely. A guarantee is given that with good maintenance the floor's slip resistance will meet the HSE's required level for a minimum of 5 years.

Deep Clean

Using our high pressure jet washers and extensive knowledge of chemicals we can deep clean all surfaces and leave with you a fresh floor in which to maintain with a simple regime.


Poolside limescale and deep ground in dirt is no problem for us.


Let us show you what we can do.


Anti-slip & Deep Clean


With Nano-Hone we use diamond pads to gently anti-slip a polished even surface. So if the tiles are completely smooth and not profiled then we could look at using this system. This system is ideal for areas such as receptions, walkways, anywhere aesthetics is still required and there is minimum contaminants present. A guarantee is given that with good maintenance the floor's slip resistance will meet the HSE's required level for a minimum of 5 years.

Pendulum Testing Service

Using floor testing equipment & methods approved by the UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive). The Pendulum Test is the only test recognised in a court of law in the event of a slip injury claim because of its ability to provide consistent repeatable and accurate readings.


We conduct detailed tests and assessments of the floor environment and reasons or circumstances why a slip might have occurred and furthermore the Pendulum test results are virtually irrefutable in court. False slip injury claims for slips on floors can be refuted if it can be proven the floor is safe and they can be proven with the proven Pendulum Testing.

SkidProof Coating



SkidProof is a state of the art Superfast curing anti-slip coating that is topically applied to the surface of your floor. It is non-toxic and has no tainting characteristics this makes it suitable for application to areas where food, clothing, persons or other sensitive materials are present. SkidProof Superfast cures through to “walk on” hardness in 6 hours (even at -30 deg c).


SkidProof is crystal clear, (although standard RAL colours can be provided on request). It is colour and UV stable. SkidProof can be applied to most surfaces


Maintenance after our work

After we carry out our Nano-Blast  treatment the only maintenance needed is a weekly jet wash not forgetting to pick up the water and contaminants afterwards or chase into drainage.


After we carry out our SkidProof treatment all that is needed is the use of an alkine detergent, soft brush or rotary pads to agitatedirt/oils and plenty of fresh water to rinse and then pick up with vacuum or clean mop.


The key is not to allow the waters and dirts/oils to dry as once the water evaporates then the dirts/oils are still left behind.

Nano-GRiP Sheets & Nosings

In certain areas were none of the above are extreme enough then we'd recommend our GRP anti-slip sheets & stair nosings.

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