Dont take our word for it......

Over the years we have been given the opportunity to work with some very interested clients and have built great relations. We have worked with architects on a new buiild shopping centre with areas amounting to over 10,000 square metres to a prison who had lots of 'slipping in the shower' claims. Here are a few testimonials:

Stobo Castle

Hi Tim

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you are all well.


Thank you for your email. At present we have had no slips and the spa looks beautiful. We sent you the report from the council with all their readings last year and they were over the moon at the transformation.


Take Care

Kind Regards


Fee and Di

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Dear Tim                      


I would like to express my thanks for the excellent service and also the effect that the Naño product has had on our quarry tiled floors, being as these areas are situated inside a tropical and very humid glasshouse I find that the non slip effect that was carried out by yourself  has made an incredible difference to a tiled floor that is in regular contact with water and has now made our glasshouses a safer environment for our visitors to walk around ,also I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to someone else.                    


Many Thanks                



Glasgow Rangers, Ibrox


Thanks very much for your continuing work you guys.



Liz and a very grateful Facilities team!



Selby Leisure Centre

Hiya Tim,

Just for your info, we have been discussing the works on the poolside in our Health & Safety Steering Group Meeting this morning and the feedback received from the site staff who were at the meeting was excellent.  They are really impressed with the quality of the works.  Thanks for all the hard work you have both put in on this job.


Speak later.


Burger King

Just to give a little feedback in regards to the work completed to the kitchen floor, it is great! As a non slip surface it has worked brilliantly (even when wet). The guys who completed the work were very concious of the dust/ dirt that would occur and made every effort to cover surfaces and equipment, they did a good job of cleaning after.


Its a good job and I think the whole team appreciate the work done as they no longer have to walk like they are on ice! They now just have to keep on top of the cleaning to stop the surface grease building up.



Friars Walk Shopping Centre



Can I please echo Lees comments a first class service, more than happy to provide reference if required.






Tony Rides

Senior Project Manager