Q. What makes a good franchise

A. A Business with  a product/service that is unique - One with a proven system and track record.


Why Franchising?


We looked very carefully at the different options available to us in order to maximise sales and establish a recognised trade name within the shortest time scale available.


With franchising we can recruit individuals like yourself, who realise the massive opportunity within the market for such a product. With you as a Franchisee, running your own business, we have effectively recruited a motivated salesman, manager and tradesman all in one, and because you work from home there is no need for office or storage premises. OK this potentially comes at a huge cost for us, but we believe that the extra business generated by a loyal and rapidly growing network of dedicated professional franchisees, will quickly repay our belief and investment by way of increased profits and rewards throughout the business.


As a franchisee you will operate in your own protected territory. This guarantees your exclusive rights to market the unique Nano-Effect service, safe in the knowledge that throughout the term of your licence there can be no competition.

What we look for in our Franchisees

1. People skills.


The franchisee must have the ability and desire to deal well with people. Franchisees will need to enjoy spending time with people. Franchisees that do not enjoy a lot of human interaction tend to become stressed. This will often tear down the business instead of building it up.


2. Follow the System.


The franchisee must have the ability and desire to follow a proven system using proven materials and supplies. The franchisee must be able to enjoy and reap the rewards of following the system. If the potential franchisee can’t or won’t follow a system for success, then they should not consider a franchise.


3. Good Positive Attitude.


We carefully consider the potential franchisee’s attitude. Are they asking a lot of questions about failure or do they ask more questions about the success of the franchise? Potential franchisees should be seeking to find out what makes the franchise successful rather than dwelling on what makes the franchise a failure.


All franchisors that have been around a few years have failures, however most of the time it is due to the failure of the franchisee. The franchisee must be self-motivated to take action and become successful. They should have a good work ethic and not be afraid to roll up their sleeves. A potential franchisee should have the belief and determination to make decisions for himself.


The Next Steps


Think of how many schools, pubs, fast food outlets, shopping centres, health and leisure centres, factories and  offices are in your area.           


All Floors Must Comply With Regulations, if not today then tomorrow. The problem will not go away- it can only be treated.


Hopefully by studying our website you will have already grasped the business concept and realised the size of the market, and you know that it must be addressed. You can see the full potential of the business.


In the first instance you will contact us and let us know about your interest detailing why you believe you would be suitable.  From there you can come and see us in action either on a demo or an actual job, or just come and see us at our offices or the pub for an informal chat ;)